We believe in the power of creating an equitable hospitality community. We take a grassroots approach towards building a culture forward industry. Our consulting services are aimed towards helping businesses and organizations create cultures that value, respect and support diversity and inclusion. 


Assessment is the most crucial sector in our consulting services. Every business has a different set of circumstances, so there must be different sets of solutions. We conduct our assessments with management and employees to help recognize opportunities and to identify strengths and weaknesses.   

We focus on the needs of a company on multiple levels, management and individual. Objective information is taken to find out the knowledge level of D&I terms, how each individual feels about their workplace and figuring out if there are any unconscious biases.  

Quantitive information is obtained because diversity equals productivity. This information is crucial in determining key performance factors as well as to help develop more qualitative information to research how we can continue to create profitable results that are sustainable. 

Analyzing pre-existing systems including hiring, development and promotion and the retention process.  We look at the overview of your current diversity plans and inclusion strategies to identify strengths and weaknesses. We discuss what your mission and goals are to help generate a customized  strategy plan that targets your priorities. 


Once internal data is gathered within an organization, we analyze our summary and collaborate with management to decide what the most effective and efficient strategy plan will be. We also input our findings and data into an index, that provides a comparison chart featuring other companies so you are able to see how you measure up in performance. We then develop specific and concrete steps for engagement that enhance performance. 


The framework that is discussed during the strategy phase, is a way to categorize and prioritize initiatives. The first step in the implementation phase is to then develop a timeline with these initiatives and goals. Successfully implementing a program that fits an organization's needs is an ongoing process that occurs in multiple stages. 

Program Development

Resources and Support

On Going Management

Customized Trainings

Strategy Reconstruction 

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