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Green Scholarships and Events for Women in Wine Abound. Will the Industry Make Room?

“You can’t have equality without equity,”
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Atop The Wine World, Court Of Master Sommeliers Faces A Racial Reckoning

“It’s based on networking and expectations that you attend conferences. But, when marginalized people look at the marketing, websites, social media for these events, groups—even the affiliated scholarships—they don’t see anyone who looks like them.”
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10 Organizations that Support Black Drinks Professionals

Veteran restaurant professional Lia Jones founded this organization to create a more inclusive hospitality industry. It provides career guidance, grants and scholarships, educational panels and events, and also consults with companies on issues relating to diversity and inclusion.

Prestigious Wine Organization Drops Use of Term ‘Master’

"If there are no black people in someone’s inner circle or going to industry conferences, she added, it contributes to the lack of diversity. Because of that, there are also not a lot of black people or people of color who can mentor or inspire up-and-comers."

Diversity in Wine & Spirits Advocating for Black Women and Creating Accessible Spaces on an Episode of Wonder Women of Wine's A.L.L.I.E.S Partnership Webinar Series

“We are leaders advocating for all facets of Diversity within the Food & Beverage industries,”

A Reckoning on Race at the Court of Master Sommeliers Americas

"The barriers for me as a Black female were different from my white male counterparts."

These Black Women In Wine Are Redefining The Industry

"We are here, we work hard, we are successful, and if, for any reason, you have doubts, reach out for mentors and allies. My organization is a great resource."

45+ Black-Owned Wineries & Businesses You Should Follow & Support.

"The barriers for me as a Black female were different from my white male counterparts."


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