Vienna's Alexandra Bisanz wins at Mixology Awards

Bulleit Brand Ambassador Alex Bisanz is Bold, Beautiful and Bringing  Home the Gold.

By DWS Staff / November 10th 2018 / Spirits

Mixology Bar Awards' Brand Ambassador of the Year, Alexandra Bisanz, was born in Vienna, Austria to Polish parents. Alexandra first got her start in the wine and spirits industry back in 2005 when she worked as a Cocktail Waitress. For the past 7 years, however, she has served as a Bartender in Vienna. Although she makes the job look easy, Alexandra has had her share of obstacles. When she first started out as a bartender, male guests would never take her seriously and would even search for errors in her work and refuse to be served by her. Instead of letting this treatment discourage her, Alexandra developed a tough shell and continued to do what she did best in the male dominated industry. Soon her work payed off and no one could deny that she is one hell of a good bartender, which is a rare find in Vienna. 


Mentors played a huge role in Alexandra overcoming these and other issues. During her time as a waitress, she caught the attention of Marco Pani, a Bar Manager at Bar Italia in Vienna. He quickly took notice of her talent for flavors and service, and soon offered her the opportunity to become a bartender. As her mentor, Marco provided excellent education to her through books and helped her to learn discipline. He also requested that she not wear makeup, nail polish or open hair, so that her work would be seen and respected in her drinks and not her personal appearance. One of the most important things she learned was how to keep up in a fast paced and sometimes loud environment. When mixing drinks and interacting with customers, there was no room for mistakes, especially while working in high volume locations. 


Now serving as the Bulleit Whiskey Brand Ambassador, Alexandra uses her years of experience to excel in the small market of Vienna. Though it's size may appear to be a problem for others, Alexandra handles it like a rock star! She has gone out of her way to learn about her customers and their business, as well as collaborate with her previous work colleagues to bring in creative solutions and ideas. Still, there is the challenge of facing the negative opinion of others. At first glance, they believe that her job is to drink, have fun and look good. However, it is so very much more than that. Alexandra is absolutely beautiful, but that is not what makes her a good Brand Ambassador. She works hard and challenges herself in every aspect of her job. Alexandra tirelessly pushes boundaries, while thinking outside the box, and it's all done to bring herself and the brands she represents, the respect and success they deserve. She is a forever example that if you stay true to yourself, be creative, free, brave, and passionate, you can accomplish the things that others thought you never could. 

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